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School budgets are increasingly important across the country, as many schools strive to save money in various areas and prevent cuts as much as possible. On a daily basis, money losses may come from missing, damaged, or overused equipment.

Learn how advanced security features and access control can add protection to your school and save your school money in the long run.

1. Copy Rooms

One of the biggest ways schools waste money is through the copy room. Extra copies and unauthorized use of printers could lead to a major waste of time and resources. To help control the amount a copy room gets used by both teachers and students, a school has the option to install a biometric door lock system.

A biometric system has a keypad for manual input, but mainly operates using fingerprint scanning technology. With the fingerprint scans, only specific teachers and staff are allowed in the copy room. A computerized log of the access gets provided for each use so a school administrator has the ability to track who accesses the room.

The use of a biometric system also ensures that a specific teacher is making the copies they need and all of the teachers are kept honest through the tracking abilities. Printer ink is expensive and reducing the number of copies and printouts could make a huge difference for a school's budget.

2. Equipment Rooms

Many schools provide electronic equipment for students to use. Calculators, laptops, and tablets are just a few of the pieces of technology students rely on to get work done in various classes.

When the equipment is not in use, the items should be locked away in some type closet or equipment room. Add access control to the room to enhance the security beyond just a traditional lock and key. Key code access provides limited access to personnel and prevents people from going into the equipment rooms and taking the devices.

The access control options also allow you to pair the locks with security cameras to have video monitoring on the rooms as well. The preventative measures will help act as a natural deterrent to the theft of any expensive equipment.

3. Gym Areas

Gym equipment is needed for school activities including gym classes and sports. Throughout the day, multiple people may need to access sports equipment areas. One option for this is with video intercom systems.

Sports equipment like balls, weightlifting gear, and tennis rackets can easily add up. With the use of video intercoms, someone in the main office of the school has the ability to see who exactly is accessing the room.

The video intercom technology has the ability to unlock the door for the person going to the room. Once the door gets shut again, it automatically locks. Along with the video intercom, certain staff members like gym teachers may get their own access codes to get inside the gym equipment area any time they want.

4. Lunch Rooms

A lunch area may include various food products and drinks. To help prevent theft or loss of products, a security system may be set in place to stop unauthorized access. Lunch rooms are also based on cleanliness, so a school may not want cafeteria hands making contact with touch panel screens all day.

As an alternative, consider the installation of a hands-free fob access control system. Cafeteria workers may keep the fobs in their pockets and gain automatic access with the fobs. The areas will remain protected and cleanliness will add extra benefits.

The expansion of access control in a school can protect equipment and save money. For more information on access control technology and the implementation for schools, contact us at HSI Security. We have years of professional experience and can answer any questions you may have.

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