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Clear differences exist between the ways a small business and a large corporation run, but when considering security measures, much of the same technology will provide multiple benefits on a smaller scale.

One security measure to consider for your smaller company is access control. Whether your business is in a standalone building, as part of a shopping plaza, or even in a converted garage, here are four key benefits to installing and implementing proper access control.

1. Employee Tracking

When you run a small business, employees are often on their own during later shifts or times when you are not in the place of business. To keep track of employees, implement an access control system with digital key fobs.

Employees you hire get their own key fob that has a unique tracking code on it. With the key fob, you will be able to see when the employee enters or exits the business and how frequently they arrive.

And unlike a key which could be duplicated or lost, the key fob has security features to prevent these vulnerabilities. For example, if a fob is lost, you could deactivate the specific code so that anyone who finds it does not have access to the business.

2. Biometric Door Lock Technology

For an even more secure business entry, consider a biometric door lock. Biometric technology is essentially a fingerprint-based lock system. When running a small business, every dollar counts, so having a biometric door lock could also track employees clocking in and clocking out for each shift.

By utilizing the fingerprint technology, one employee cannot clock in for another employee if the second employee leaves early or arrives late. Everyone is kept honest, and the payroll reflects the proper times your employees worked and entered the building. The unique nature of fingerprints also helps prevent potential criminals from breaking into the business or figuring out the way through a lock system.

3. Restricted Areas

Along with budgeting for employee hours, protect your small business with added access control to restricted areas. Some restricted areas in a small business may include back stock areas, personal offices, or rooms with expensive equipment.

Some access control options that could work to restrict access include a keypad door lock where a number sequence is necessary to gain access. Key cards, similar to many hotel rooms, are also useful for restricted area access. Many of the access options may also connect to your security system or emergency alerts to instantly contact help in case of a dire situation like a break-in or forced robbery.

4. Video Doorbell Phones

As a small business owner, you may find yourself doing multiple jobs at once and spread thin. Even a simple task like answering the door or being there for a delivery could be a challenge. One of the more ideal solutions is an integrated video doorbell phone. Not only do these doorbells provide a live video feed, but advanced access features also include door control.

For example, if a package delivery comes, the package could be placed inside the door as opposed to outside the door and out in the open. Also, if you have customers or visitors before or after your business opens, then you can grant them access with the use of a video doorbell. The communication system not only helps add protection but also saves time.

As you plan your small business access needs, contact our professionals at HSI. We have years of experience, and a full consultation will help determine the best products and security features to help your business thrive. We look forward to hearing from you.

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