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A fire alarm system is a crucial aspect of keeping your building and occupants safe, and a comprehensive fire alarm system is an essential feature in every business. Fire alarm systems help to protect both lives and property, but they are not installed just as optional precautionary measures, building codes dictate that every business must contain a functioning fire system to remain operational. As commercial fire alarm experts, HSI can provide your business the fire detection system best suited for your facility and needs.

Fire alarm system installation is more than just wiring alarms. It includes system planning, equipment selection, site preparation, testing and troubleshooting. Designing and installing a quality fire alarm system that meets local building codes can be like navigating a maze, at HSI Security we work with our customers and local authorities to develop a comprehensive and customizable fire safety solution to protect both lives and property, all while meeting code requirements.

Fire protection options

Conventional: These systems link each monitoring device to the control panel on its own wire and can be set up in zones. When a monitoring device is triggered, the system can identify the zone of the device, which can help to narrow down the location of the fire. For example, if the building has four floors and each floor is a zone, the fire department will know which floor the fire is on based on the zone that is triggered. However, they will not know the exact location on that floor. HSI can help map out the best positions for monitoring devices and how many devices would be ideal and up to code for your business. For a small business, you may only need one zone and, as these devices are less expensive, this may be the simplest and most cost-effective option for you.

Digital: Within this system each device has its own address on the system, which means you can identify the exact location of the triggered device and send fire personnel directly to the location of the fire. All devices are connected on one wire that is looped to the control panel. This means that if one end is damaged the system can still send communications to the control panel through the other end of the loop. Because each device sits in a loop isolation module, the circuit isn't broken if it becomes disconnected or damaged. HSI uses the most up to date technology available, which means these alarms have additional features, such as detecting the flow of air through smoke detectors to reduce the risk of false alarms - which can be a money saver in the long run. These systems are more customizable and generally used for larger buildings or complexes.

Let HSI help determine which fire protection option is right for you!

Fire Alarm Experts

Installation of a fire protection system can be very tricky, HSI security are commercial fire alarm experts, and can help you get a system installed, whether its new construction, a new system, or switching from one system to another, we can help you. Fire alarm systems must adhere to local, state, and federal regulations and codes, which today includes fire detection, signaling and emergency communications. Additionally, in planning your system, we understand the impact of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, and The International Building Code (IBC) and the impact these have with the design and installation of your fire alarm system.

Not only can installing a fire protection system help keep you safe, but it can also improve your overall security and help save money. HSI Security is always available to discuss fire safety and security options for your business. Visit our website https://www.hsisecurity.com/fire-safety-quiz to take our fire safety quiz and let us help you develop your safety plan now. .

If you like the ideas we’ve discussed today, give us a call and we can help you take the appropriate measures to protect your staff, equipment, and customers. Providing you with peace of mind.

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