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Over the years, we have found many clients and contacts who have a desire to do their own installation of their security systems. Whether that means installing a CCTV system with cabling or installing access control systems, there is always a desire to look into whether it’s possible to DIY the installation to save some money.

For many who have installed home security devices, the desire to install commercial security systems may seem doable since there is experience installing security equipment at home.

With that said, it’s important to distinguish the scale and complexity difference between commercial security systems and household security systems.

Why It’s Better to Have the Pros Perform Installation On Commercial Security Systems

Security systems have become increasingly complex as technology has advanced and the requirements for securing your assets have grown. Advances in technology often require technical know-how for installing equipment. For example: certain security camera systems may need to be set up in a specific position to get optimal recording visibility. Similarly, networked IP security camera systems require know-how to connect all the components of the system together so that it connects properly and functions as a cohesive single system.

So while it’s possible to install a commercial security system on your own, if the technology that’s critical in 2022 for commercial-grade security, it will likely need those with expertise in installing security equipment to do the job.

DIY Installation Risks Defeating The Purpose of Your Security System

Chances are, a business will update a security system because of an increased need to protect valuable assets, or due to increased security threats that can compromise the organization.

With this in mind, the question one must ask is if it’s worth risking security on a potentially faulty or subpar installation? Even if all the best-in-class security equipment is purchased, it may be for naught if the system breaks down or has critical blind-spots.

Save Time And Money By Installing It Right the First Time

Time is money, so investing time into installing a security system may forego opportunities to allocate that time to more productive work. Also, due to lack of experience in installing security systems, there is a strong likelihood of needing to re-do an installation, or for an installation to take longer than planned due to inexperience.

Needless to say, there is a real benefit to have the confidence that an installation will be done correctly the first time around. Reduce risk by getting a security installation done right, and save time by letting experienced pros perform the work that they have years of experience and expertise performing.

Proper Commercial and Industrial Security Should Function as a Complete System

Overall, security needs will vary from business to business. But any professional grade system will involve many components that need to work together to provide maximum protection. Taking a risk to install a fully commercial security system on your own may likely result in a system that doesn’t cover all vulnerabilities.

For example, an organization’s security needs may need to coordinate access control systems with their IP camera system, and then have that integrated with their staff security officers. Piecemeal installation of this type of system is a surefire way to leave gaps and vulnerabilities that increase overall risk.

So to get straight to the answer, if you’re looking to install a system, you should leave it to the pros.

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