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As the country begins to reopen and many are transitioning back into the office, full or part-time, it’s imperative for companies to keep their employees safe and their businesses secure. Owners are taking precaution to prepare for a new work environment and culture, searching for solutions in security, health and safety. HSI Security, a leader in the industry, recommends implementing a few of the following best practices that we have seen success with:

Below you can find the most common ways to create a socially distant workspace you can start to implement today!

  • Remove seating from areas where social distancing cannot be maintained

  • Use signage and posters to remind workers of any changes to the office layout

  • Set maximum occupancies for areas

  • Rotate your employees on a weekly basis

  • Stagger start times

  • Check temperatures of employees before entering the workspace

  • Touch-less entry and building security

  • Have a touch-less entry or security system installed will prevent additional contact for employees

  • Monitoring and tracking guests who enter the building

  • Adding or upgrading security cameras can help trace contact and protect unwanted guests from entering

These are just a few ways to make the safety and security of employees a priority. Find more information from the CDC here. If you have questions regarding the security measures listed above, give us a call and we can help you take the appropriate actions to protect your staff, equipment, and customers. Providing you with peace of mind.

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