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Security needs to always adapt to changing threats and changing conditions that can compromise people’s safety and valuable assets. With that said, one thing that has not changed throughout the course of history is that darkness is the friend of criminal activity. As a result, one of the most basic security solutions that has been used for decades is to use strategic lighting so that people’s actions are always visible as if in broad daylight.

In 2022, lighting is more efficient than ever thanks to high efficiency LED lights. This means that maintenance costs are far lower than they have ever been before. In addition to lower costs, there are far more options from a technology perspective that can really boost the efficacy of lighting solutions. Read on for more information.

Where to Use Lighting to Provide Safety and Security

  • Lighting Mounted Near Access Points and Entryways: The most common use of lighting as a form of deterrence is to mount lighting near entryways and access points. This would include front doors, office building entrances, doors to storage units. Mounting lighting in these areas protects the safety of those who are entering and exiting a building and also provides deterrence against break-ins.

  • Lighting Mounted in Dark Pathways and Alleyways: The dark areas that surround buildings are often ignored since they’re not frequently visited by those who work in or live in a building. But that’s precisely what can make these areas ripe for suspicious behavior. These areas can allow potential burglars to scout out a building without being noticed, or even worse, can serve as an area where violent crime can take place under the cover of darkness.

  • Lighting Mounted Near Storage: Storage areas such as garages, storage units, lockers, or outdoor cabinets are easy targets for burglars to ransack. They are often unoccupied at night, and its not uncommon for security to be ignored around outdoor storage. Similar to an access point, placing lighting near these storage areas can help deter break-ins. We suggest doing this even if there is nothing valuable inside as most burglars will not know if there is anything of value inside until after they have broken in.

Types of Lighting Used to Deter Criminal Activity

Beyond the placement of lighting, the type of lighting is particularly important as well. One bonus of lighting used for security purposes is that it can also double to increase the beauty of a property.

  • Motion Detection Lighting: Nothing will startle bad actors more than going from a dark area to suddenly being in a bright spotlight. This not only makes their behavior visible to all, the motion detection component of the lighting makes it even more apparent when something is in an area that should not be there.

  • Flood Lighting: Flood lighting is more passive than motion detection lighting. It aims to flood an area with light so that everything is visible. Think of this as landscape lighting that can provide ambient light throughout a broad area.

  • Spotlights: Spotlights are used to concentrate light on a more limited area. Spotlights are useful for lighting access points or storage. They can also be used to light the outside of a building in a more decorative manner.

  • Pathway Lights: For security purposes, pathway lighting is particularly useful for lighting alleyways, dark walkways, and areas on the side or back of a building that are not as frequently walked.

  • Solar Powered Security Lighting: Wiring in lights over a property can be tedious and costly. Thanks to advances in technology, just about any type of light can be found with solar power included, reducing the need for being wired in. Additionally, solar power has advanced enough to power even bright spotlights provided that it receives enough regular sunlight to charge.

  • Connected Smart Lighting: Many lighting systems can be connected to smart security systems. This can provide many benefits such as scheduling when lights turn on or off, remote activation of lights, and more. These systems are commonly used in tandem with security camera systems.

Lighting is a Low-Cost Win-Win Security Solution

Overall, lighting systems have a low price tag, and provide immense benefits for anybody trying to increase safety and security. When you combine this with the benefits of helping to improve a building’s curb appeal, there are many benefits and almost zero drawbacks to adding a lighting system.

HSI Security diligently reviews commercial lighting systems as part of our comprehensive security system setup and review. If you want to learn more about overall security solutions and how we incorporate all aspects of security to protect business’s safety and assets, contact us today.