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Are you working from your home office more frequently and yet worry about the state of your business while away? Don’t worry! Here are some useful tips to make your business run without you.

As you choose the best security system for your organization, learn about various ways to monitor the home while you're on the open road. Each method helps give you and your staff peace of mind.

1. Text Alerts

As you enjoy your freedom, you do not want to constantly check in on your business security if nothing is happening. To help ease your mind, set up a security system with a text alert function.

Through text alerts, you will receive a notice for various security alerts. The alerts may include open doors, activated motion sensors, or other elements like a broken glass alarm. The alerts allow you to follow up with the security monitoring service or authorities as needed.

The text alerts also allow you to receive simple texts without the need for a WiFi signal or a lot of data. The texts are quick to read and will not take a lot of time from your vacation.

2. Livestream Monitors

When you do have WiFi signal or data available, an advanced security system gives you the chance to access livestream monitors.

A livestream of your security feed may offer several benefits. For example, you may view any employee arrival and departure or package deliveries to the business. If you have a business that requires specific turnover times you can check the in and ensure that everything is on schedule.

The livestream allows you to switch cameras and view all the angles of your organization. If your security has a DVR system built-in, then you may also look back and spot any motion footage that you may have missed.

3. Smart Access

Along with the security cameras in your business, an advanced all-device system allows you to control a variety of smart devices. For example, you may have control of all the lights in the office or lobby.

The smart access allows you to turn on exterior or interior lights on nights where there may not be anyone on site. With the light access, you may deter any potential intruders by making it seem like the area is being monitored.

Smart thermostats also allows you to control the temperature in areas of the business. Some organizations have begun to implement scheduled temperatures for various workspaces. This enables you to heat or cool a workspace prior to staff starting a shift, so the environment is comfortable for the work day. If no one is scheduled to work that day, the heat or air conditioning can be scheduled to turn off to save on utilities.

4. Digital Doorbells

Another way to monitor visitors to the business is with a digital doorbell. When someone rings the doorbell, the connection will go directly to a monitored phone or tablet. You receive an instant alert, you will be able to see the person at the door and you’ll also have communication options.

Even if you miss out on the ring, you have the chance to look back and see who approached the doorbell. The direct camera gives you easy access and clear views of who is at your front door. Some of the cameras may have lights or night vision features to help see when people approach at night or in dark situations.

As you browse for security systems, look for ones that feature more than one option to obtain the most security needs for your organization. Contact us today at HSI Security to find out more information about our security services.

If you like the ideas we’ve discussed today, give us a call and we can help you take the appropriate measures to protect your staff, equipment, and customers. Providing you with peace of mind.

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