• amanda99085

The Growing Popularity Of Remote Monitoring

Many Industrial buildings are no longer relying on employees or contractors needing a key fob to enter their secured building. Instead, they are finding themselves being greeted by a human voice as soon as they approach the door, instructing them to enter or identify themselves.

Although virtual front door services have been utilized for nearly the past decade, the technology employed to facilitate its usage as well as enhance the security of such a device has increased, causing them to be more dependable, accurate and progressively popular with many industrial worksites and corporate offices. Remote monitoring is simple, consisting of security cameras and internet connections which transmit pictures to our service center where trained individuals monitor the buildings entrance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additionally, these operators can see who is trying to enter the building and immediately call law enforcement if images transmitted by the cameras reveal problems resulting from the actions of unwanted visitors.

Businesses that employ a remote monitoring service enjoy the benefits of employee safety and the employees enjoy the benefit of peace of mind. Protect your business today, contact us today for an assessment.