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Every business has uniquely specific requirements for the protection of their organization, and HSI knows how to partner with your company to achieve a clear vision to design, upgrade, or augment a new/present security solution. The security development team at HSI will guide your company down the right path through a comprehensive security systems evaluation and assessment to completely understand the project’s scope, requirements, and functionality. To achieve the proper security design, there are certain mistakes that can and should be avoided, let HSI help you understand and avoid those mistakes with a comprehensive security system design.

Common Mistakes to avoid:

  • Crisis Response System

  • Too Complicated of a System

  • Too specific of a System

Crisis Response System:

A recent crisis (such as a major theft or a threat of physical harm) may cause a client to overreact and to install a much more elaborate security system than previously existed or is needed at the facility. The system designed is "overkill" in relation to the client's long-term security requirements. Once the initial shock of the recent security incident begins to fade, it becomes apparent that the security measures in place are excessive. Shortly thereafter, the company decides that the newly installed security systems are more trouble than they are worth, and the company discontinues use of the systems altogether because it is too much hassle. While a crisis may trigger a response, it is still important to implement an appropriately designed security system. Let HSI help you determine what will be best suited for your company in the long run.

Too Complicated of a System:

A sophisticated electronic security system is designed and installed. The system integrates CCTV, intercom, access control, and alarm monitoring. The consultant has specified an elaborate sequence of events that will occur anytime that an alarm takes place. Unfortunately, the user(s) of the system never fully grasp the system or its extended uses. As a result, much of the security equipment that has been installed is underutilized, and the user often asks: "I wonder what the purpose of this equipment is?". This can be avoided by having one of HSI’s security installation specialists work with you one on one to determine what is and is not needed at your unique facility. Sometimes less is more when it comes to a security system, and HSI can help you determine what you need less of and what you need more of.

Too Specific of a System:

In some cases, a security manager will have his or her own ideas about the way a security system should be designed, and sometimes a security system will be designed that is highly customized according to the wishes of one individual. This system design may not meet the needs of the organization as a whole. When the specific individual leaves, the people assuming responsibility for the security systems may not understand or appreciate the way that the security systems were designed. As a result, the systems often fall into disuse when the person who originally conceived them leaves the company. While you do want a security system to be specific to your needs as a company, you want to avoid them being too specific to one person. This can be avoided with a simple security consultation with an HSI specialist. HSI is here to help guide you to the perfect security system for your company or facility, and help you avoid personal specifications that might not get used once one person isn’t in the equation any longer. HSI can also help if this type of issue is already happening and needs correcting.

There is no substitute for a comprehensive evaluation of the company's long-term security objectives before beginning the design of any security system. A clear statement of what the security systems are intended to accomplish should be written and reviewed by all necessary parties. System design should be based on the long-term needs of the company and not in response to any immediate crisis or the whims of any individual. Security systems have an initial cost as well as ongoing operating and maintenance costs. To get started, visit HSI Security and take our 60 Second Security Quiz. A member of the HSI installation specialist team is ready to help you design the best security system for your needs.

As you plan your small business access needs, contact our professionals at HSI. We have years of experience, and a full consultation will help determine the best products and security features to help your business thrive. We look forward to hearing from you.