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A risk to your business can come in many forms, from budget restraints to industry regulations, operations directors overwhelmed with day-to-day operations can inadvertently overlook a few simple security basics. Use this as resource to ensure that you are not making any of the business security mistakes outlined below.

1) Relaxed ID Enforcement

Enforcing ID requirement is important to restrict the entry of non-authorized persons to your critical business areas like a server room. It also minimizes the risk of thefts and burglary. While many organizations have procedures in place to alert security when an employee is terminated, gaps in communication may occur and leave your organization susceptible to someone seeking retaliation. It may be tempting for security personnel to allow employees, particularly managers, through a security checkpoint when they fail to present ID but this can have terrible consequences under certain circumstances. It may also be easier for someone to sneak through an entry point with a large group of people during times of heavy traffic, so it's best to develop a protocol for handling a multitude of possible access control mishaps including denied access notifications, times of heavy foot traffic, and unfamiliar visitors that frequent your facility.

2) Security Assessments for All Personnel

Regardless of how much security experience a facility manager or security director may have, an outside analysis is not only beneficial — in some industries it is a necessary regulation, and for good reason. A fresh, outside perspective will examine your facility with unbiased eyes and may raise questions that haven't been raised before. There can be a major benefit from examining existing data, evaluating who is primarily visiting your building and what liabilities they bring with them. As well as pinpointing shifts in traffic flow, identifying where gaps exist and how to patch them appropriately.

3) Poorly Placed CCTV

While security systems like CCTV and alarms support your business security, if they aren’t installed properly, they don’t serve their purpose. CCTV cameras should be installed in the areas that are prone to the incidents and areas with high value assets like vaults and computer server rooms. They should be placed high enough and discreetly enough to be hidden from people and away from the reach of potential vandal or burglar.

It is best practice to set notifications enabled by a remote monitoring service when an incident or breach is detected to quickly assess the situation. Scheduling an annual assessment will proactively protect your business ensuring that your businesses camera functionality and placement are properly working and installed in areas that are most efficient.

4) Underutilization of Key Security Features

All too often, the technology used to secure a facility is installed and yet little is done to understand all of its capabilities. The time spent training security managers to fully understand all of the security solutions upgrades and equipment can significantly save the manager and his team time later on. Underutilizing a security solution can be a waste of a great financial investment; an investment that will save much time and energy. In facilities with 40+ cameras, is your equipment configured to event-driven recording, ensuring that random toggling between cameras is interrupted if an alarm goes off? Does your staff know how to find the recordings they need when an event occurs? After using your equipment for several weeks, did you present any follow-up questions to whomever installed it? Take the time to familiarize yourself with every feature so your system is not underutilized.

5) Neglecting Internal Security

Security threats can stem from our very own employees, so placing the entire focus on external threats can be ill-advised. Employees that spend up to 8-10 hours a day in your building know its vulnerabilities better than anyone, and those with poor intentions are likely to know what they can and cannot get away with. Regardless of the size of your team and facility, not everyone needs access to everything, and you could be losing valuable assets due to the very staff employed to protect it. As your business grows and access needs shift, stay on top of your employees' access control credentials and make sure they don't have unnecessary admittance to property and assets that they do not need to do their job.

6. Not Identifying Workplace Hazards

Whether it is a slippery floor, bare electric wire to malfunctioning equipment, there may be many risks lurking at your organization. According to the National Safety Council, every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job. Slips, collision, trips, and falls account for 25% of workplace injuries. This is why workplace safety should be your topmost priority. While each industry will have their own workplace hazards, here are some basic security measurements to consider:

  • Well-lit stairways and entries

  • Available and unobstructed Emergency exits

  • Mount a warning sign for potential risks like wet floors, malfunctioning lifts and moving machinery

  • Safety gears to your employees

Securing your business from all threats is important to protect your people, data, future finances and assets. Apart from avoiding these security mistakes, make sure to educate your employees about the risks and how to deal with them. Your position as a security expert is critical for protecting the occupants of the building and their property, so remain mindful of these common missteps to avoid potential losses. Fully understanding and identifying each of the risk above, you will be on the right path to closing gaps in your current security plan.

As you browse for security systems, look for ones that feature more than one option to obtain the most security needs for your organization. Contact us today at HSI Security to find out more information about our security services.

If you like the ideas we’ve discussed today, give us a call and we can help you take the appropriate measures to protect your staff, equipment, and customers. Providing you with peace of mind.

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