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Security cameras have become more commonplace than ever, and for good reason. Whether you like them or not, they provide innumerable benefits. The concern for business owners is how to balance their security needs with their desire to keep customers happy and comfortable.

A CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is a system that allows businesses to connect multiple cameras so an individual can monitor the feed live and record all or some of the footage. CCTV has the potential to protect companies from crime, but business owners must let their clients understand that it is also useful as a protective measure for them.

Reduce Product Cost

Businesses base their prices on what they need to charge to earn a profit. The wholesale cost of a product plays a role, but all other expenses for the company also affect the cost. Shoplifting and damage to the store from vandalism or otherwise destructive customers are concerns that take profits away from the location where these events occur.

If CCTV can deter people from following through with these actions, then the business has fewer costs related to the problem. The business then has the potential to return some savings to its customers in the form of a lower price. Monitored systems even enable the security staff to stop the problem early if the signs and cameras do not act as a deterrent.

Monitored systems also help to reduce costs because they alert management to other issues. A monitored CCTV system can enable early detection of a fire or a plumbing leak before it becomes too difficult to contain. Monitoring allows the staff to evacuate themselves and customers from a location early in an emergency to avoid injuries.

Protect Personal Reputation

A false accusation of shoplifting, property damage, or the claim of a fight with another customer could cause expensive legal costs for the innocent customer. Video documentation of the event is a straightforward way for someone to show the police, a judge, or an insurer what happened.

Customers that receive an injury from a slip and fall or some other accident can also rely on CCTV for proof. The business owner does not become harmed from this system because they also can use the footage to protect themselves from false injury claims. Insurance companies even recommend surveillance as a safety measure against false claims.

Boost Prosecution Efforts

Customers also become victimized in retail locations. Thieves steal handbags and wallets and some break into cars in parking lots. The risk of criminal activity in dark parking lots is always a concern. The potential deterrence of cameras is a benefit, but the security system helps even more.

Video footage helps identify the criminal so the public can become involved and prevent future incidents and bring the perpetrator to justice. Businesses with security or theft prevention teams may even prevent the criminal from leaving the property after the crime and instantly return stolen items to the owner.

Improve Medical Help

Monitored CCTV systems can enable the staff to spot someone in a medical crisis that may otherwise have been unnoticed by people in the store. Someone that sees a customer experience a heart attack in an empty aisle or faint in the parking lot can call 911 instantly and provide first aid.

Business owners that want their customers to appreciate the benefits of better security need to explain how CCTV helps. The systems also have much to offer business owners, such as monitoring customer traffic patterns and protection for employees against threats. There are endless reasons to install CCTV, so contact us at HSI for more information.

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