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While all kinds of companies and industries need security measures in place for protection, there are certain types of businesses that are more vulnerable to security threats than others. Leaders of businesses that are most at risk for criminal activity need to answer a lot of questions related to the industry, location and frequency of crimes.

  • Is the industry most vulnerable to security threats or is it the specific business location?

  • Is the industry historically targeted for crime or are recent security threats a new trend?

  • What security measures that have been used have failed in the past?

  • Which new security measures should be in place to effectively prevent or reduce current security threats?

Here are five types of businesses that are highly vulnerable to security threats.


Historically speaking, banks always have been (and always will be) vulnerable to security threats because these buildings house large amounts of money. Pure and simple. Whether in large cities, suburbs or countryside, banks are under constant alert for the threat of robberies. Therefore, situational awareness training is of paramount importance for bank employees at all levels, especially for window tellers inside the bank who are usually face-to-face with bank robbers. Criminals try to move quickly with weapons and violent threats, so bank employees with effective situational awareness can react even more quickly than the criminals in a calm, discrete manner that will help prevent something bad from happening in concert with security cameras (inside and outside) and a security system.

Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes in poor neighborhoods provide a lot of opportunities for burglars and criminals, starting with a mass of cars parked in open, poorly lit parking areas. First floor apartments typically have large windows that make it an easy point-of-entry for break-ins and accessible stairs for anyone to upper-level apartments. Apartments also are not equipped with access control technology on the front door that could provide an added layer of deterrence and security. For tenants, it can be dangerous to walk alone at night, especially for women. One of the reasons why these kinds of apartment complexes face security threats is a lack of access point control, which can be alleviated with access barrier technology, like FOB entry devices or intercoms.

Name-Brand Retail Stores

During the past couple of years, especially in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco, smash-and-grab robberies of high-end luxury retail stores located in wealthy, safe neighborhoods have been on the rise. Whenever high-value products are the target, the stores that carry these items are vulnerable because of the fast nature of this type of crime. Store owners and employees need to be prepared to instantly assess and react to the threat of smash-and-grabs crimes, which is driven by many criminals overwhelming a limited staff in a fog of war-like scenario. Installing access barrier equipment with technology that requires a security guard to monitor and admit patrons through the front door assisted by security cameras inside and outside the store and surveillance tags on products could help decrease this type of crime.

Convenience Stores/Gas Stations

Convenience stores and gas stations in poor neighborhoods are frequent targets for crime because the robberies happen quickly, the perpetrator is usually wearing a mask, a lot can be grabbed in a matter of seconds, and it is a lower-risk crime for the criminal. Not to mention that it is not unusual to see a car running outside of a convenience store or gas station (i.e. – the getaway car), which can make it difficult to predict when a crime will occur or stop it while it is happening. This is where high-definition security cameras with a closed-circuit television system (CCTV) can be helpful in identifying a criminal’s face or recognizable clothing or features that could be broadcast on the 6 o’clock news for anonymous tips on the suspect.

Concerts and Sports Venues

Whether inside or outside, in a large space or small venue, concerts and sports events all over the world are vulnerable to security threats. These threats can include something as small as pickpocketing or as dangerous as bombs or an active shooter. Whenever there is a large gathering of people, like the outdoor Las Vegas concert a few years ago, it only takes one person to create chaos and tragedy. Known as soft targets, concerts and sporting events are great places for people to come together for a few hours, but they are vulnerable to a variety of security threats, evidenced by shootings at concerts here and abroad and the tragic bombing at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Event security assessment and management with a wide range of security tools in the event-going industry is a necessity to help ensure safe concerts and sporting events when hundreds or tens of thousands of people are in attendance.


Businesses that are most vulnerable to a range of security threats need to frequently examine their security protocols and how and why crimes are being committed against them to stay one step ahead of criminals. Since these types of businesses are not going anywhere, it is best for them to explore all modern security options and adapt as quickly as possible with specific goals and benchmarks in mind.

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