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Private Investigation Services

HSI Security, operating in Dayton, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, and Lexington, Kentucky, provides private investigation services by trained professionals. They offer covert surveillance, locating missing/wanted persons, computer forensics, pre-employment background checks, process service, underwater recovery operations, GPS tracking systems, vulnerability assessments, and security system specification. Their agents have over 75 years of experience in law enforcement, U.S. military special operations, and private investigation. Their rates start at $70/hour for one-man surveillance and they also offer internal theft and fraud investigations, domestic-related investigations, pre-employment screening, people and asset locator, and landline and cellular services

Corporate Security Solutions

At HSI Security, we specialize in corporate security and investigative services, providing expert consultants who identify potential security issues and propose risk management solutions for your business. Our staff, comprised of trained and certified investigators, have the experience, professionalism, training, and technology needed to ensure your protection. We can work with you to address a specific problem area or deploy a holistic security solution that includes cameras, access control, intrusion detection, and monitoring (on and offsite). Our outsourced security department solutions can provide businesses with a security department at a quarter of the cost of a self-imposed security department, including unlimited background checks, private investigations, security training, on-site consultation, and executive protection details. Contact us today to find out how we can help you provide a safe and secure work environment through detail-oriented consulting, leading-edge security systems, and unparalleled service and support.

Corporate Network Security
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Remote Security Guard Monitoring Services

At HSI Security, we offer electronic security guard services that are designed to reduce problems with theft, vandalism, and the need for physical security presence. Our state-of-the-art monitoring facilities are staffed 24/7, enabling us to keep a constant watch over our clients' property regardless of location. We understand that certain facilities may require only a few security cameras for effective monitoring, and our monitoring staff has the ability to view and record each camera feed to deter crime. With electronic security guard services, our clients benefit from complete site coverage and the ability to handle multiple incidents simultaneously, enhancing business efficiency and reducing cost. We take a proactive approach with live CCTV or IP camera surveillance, and our highly trained staff immediately contacts the authorities in the event of a break-in. We follow the suspect(s) on the security cameras until the authorities arrive, and deliver a full report to our customer with the pertinent information of events that transpired. Contact us today for electronic security guard services in the Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus or Northern Kentucky areas, and let us help protect your livelihood.


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