Private Investigation Services


Operated by law enforcement personnel from Ohio, HSI is the leader for private investigators in an approximately 90-mile area around Dayton, Ohio.

Our agents are trained and certified in:

  • Covert surveillance techniques

  • Undercover operations

  • Interview and interrogations techniques

  • Locating missing/wanted persons

  • Computer forensics

  • Conducting background checks for pre-employment

  • Process service

  • Conducting underwater recovery operations

  • Installing & servicing GPS tracking systems

  • Conducting residential and business vulnerability assessments


Our investigators can help you respond to an incident, but they can also be an excellent resource for preventing incidents. In concert with the vulnerability assessments mentioned above, our experienced staff can research and specify a security system that protects your home or business against theft and intrusion. Our professional security consultants know where cameras should be placed, how access controls should be implemented, and what kinds of sensors should be deployed for intrusion alarms.

Fully Trained and Certified Private Investigators

Our agents have over seventy-five years of experience in law enforcement, U.S. military special operations, and private investigation, and can provide you with some of the best results available for any type of investigation or security service you may need. Our staff attends numerous hours of training each year to maintain a high standard of quality for your security needs. If you are in need of a private investigator, please contact HSI Security today.


  • The standard rate for one-man surveillance is $70/hour (4 Hour Minimum)

  • Two man surveillance is $110/hour (4 Hour Minimum)

  • The cost for a GPS unit (installation and removal) is $125

  • The cost for the use of a GPS unit is $125 for 7 Days

Internal Theft and Fraud Investigations

Each year, companies lose billions of dollars by internal theft and fraud committed by employees and clients. We can provide your company with a solution for these losses. Let our experienced investigators sit down and explain to you why our interview and interrogation techniques will be your greatest benefit. Let us be your law enforcement contact, to alleviate you from dealing with the police.  For more information email us at or call us at 937.479.6628. 

Domestic Related Investigations

Is your spouse cheating? Are you in the middle of a child custody dispute? Do you know who you are dating? Let HSI help take some of the guesswork out of it. Whether we put a tracking system on their vehicle to see where they might be going, or want to see what other options there are, we are here to help. Our private investigators are highly trained in locating, observing, recording and photographing in almost any circumstance. Let HSI Security answer all your questions today.

Pre-Employment Screening

Hiring the wrong person can bring down a company and cost thousands of dollars. Proper screening of a potential employee by trained, experienced private investigators can make the difference. For more information, contact us at our Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus location today.

People and Asset Locator

Are you searching for someone? Are you trying to locate the assets of a company or person for collections? HSI can assist you. We can locate anyone in the United States or there is no fee. 

Landline and Cellular Services

Do you have a phone number or a name? We can tell you who owns a phone, where the person lives, and if they have a phone from a name. Call HSI Security today and we will be happy to help.