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Security auditing is essential to protecting any building or business. Even if you already have security systems and strategies in place, a thorough security assessment can uncover unexpected gaps. Security Assessments enable business owners to gain a clear understanding of each building/offices security methods and exactly what is needed to keep your business safe.

Performing regular security risk assessments is a proactive step in identifying possible vulnerabilities, and fixing them before it’s too late. This security assessment checklist will help you evaluate your risk levels, and fix any weaknesses in your current physical security.

Natural Surveillance - Landscaping is more than just an aesthetic element. If done right it can actually enhance your building’s security. However, unkept or oversized landscaping can make you a target for criminal activity.

  • Can you see the street, sidewalk, and parking lots from inside your business? Ensure all signage doesn’t block views from windows.

  • Are security lights properly installed and maintained both inside and outside your property, including your parking lots? Install interior lighting that can remain on at night and when the office is empty to deter intruders.

Territorial Reinforcement - Clear distinctions in public and private areas help prevent unwanted personnel and intruders from encroaching on spaces they shouldn’t be.

  • Are the walkways and driveways clearly marked and visible from inside the building? Clearly mark your private property lines with hedges, short walls, or fences. Use walkways, landscaping, and driveways to lead visitors to a controlled entrance.

Access Control - Being able to easily control who enters and exits your property (and when) can make or break your building’s security system.

  • How often do you have to issue or replace ID badges and keycards? Keep an updated list of all employees who access the building, noting who has access to restricted areas. Using a security system that integrates with your directory can help administrators streamline this process.

  • Is access to your building or specific areas restricted? Install locks on every door and window, especially those on the exterior of the building or doors that lead to rooftop access, and repair any broken locks immediately.

Maintenance - Having the most up-to-date technology and a clean property is key to keeping criminal activity at bay.

  • Do you have the ability to control your security system 100% remotely and reliably while most of your workforce is off premises? Upgrade to a fully remote system that utilizes cloud-based management to ensure you have access 24/7. Choose a security system that includes features such as remote unlock, digital guest passes, and easy door schedule changes.

If you like the ideas we’ve discussed today, give us a call and we can help you take the appropriate measures to protect your staff, equipment, and customers. Providing you with peace of mind.

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