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What strategies can be applied when a private investigator is investigating a worker comp claim?

Workers Compensation claimant fraud is one of the most common and popular fraud types around. Fraud typically occurs when an employee lies knowingly in order to receive benefits. This can mean claiming an injury is work related when it isn’t, exaggerating about a minor injury or even continuing to work secretly while at the same time collecting on the benefits. Private investigators are often hired in this capacity to protect the business’ interests. At HSI we have trained and certified agents who specialize in covert surveillance and undercover operations to help you investigate fraudulent workers comp claims. Let’s discuss some of the strategies our private investigators use to investigate.

First and most important, all methods and strategies used by HSI private investigators are legal and can be deployed on a case by case basis.


Our agents use a variety of tools to help monitor the alleged injured employee, including following a target during their time off or when they are out in public. Or taking photographs or videos of the employee when they are performing activities that don’t correspond with their claimed injuries. This is commonly known as surveillance. Surveillance may be used even if the benefits have been paid or when the benefits have been denied in an attempt to help the employer’s case. Surveillance is one of the most common methods that private investigators use to record incriminating evidence against the employee. Our agents have over seventy-five years of experience in law enforcement, U.S. military special operations, and private investigation, and can provide you with some of the best results available when investigating a worker’s comp claim.


Another common strategy used by private investigators is monitoring. This includes tracking internet usage and social media accounts. Social media platforms often show supposedly injured employees who are lifting, gardening, playing with their kids, or participating in other high-energy activities after asking for thousands of dollars in benefits for a work-related injury. In today’s day in age we know all too well how much people love to post pictures on social media, our investigators monitor all platforms for evidence of workers comp fraud.


HSI’s agents are trained at avoiding detection. They may use several measures to avoid detection, like wearing glasses or sunglasses, wearing different hats, wearing different costumes, driving a vehicle with tinted windows, using multiple investigators to follow a subject or using certain ruses to be given permission to legally enter onto a property. Going undetected allows the private investigator to observe the claimant in many types of situations, sometimes these situations provide enough evidence to prove the worker’s comp claim is fraudulent.

Protect your business from this common type of fraud by letting HSI private investigators handle your case. Fortunately, today you do not have to take matters into your own hands to keep your business from becoming a victim to this often-occurring Workers Compensation fraud. Businesses can take advantage of our private investigation services to assist with this type of fraud. The main goal when it comes to investigating worker compensation claims is to discover any possibilities related to fraud. When it comes to uncovering fraud associated with a compensation claim, HSI is your one stop shop for private investigations.

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