Access Control Hardware

We offer complete turn-key solutions when it comes to providing access control. That includes installing the electric gate and barrier arms need to prevent entry, turnstiles and other physical access control hardware.

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Installation Services Offered by HSI

Adding audio/video installations to our clients facilities is right up our alley. Given our experience with security cameras and systems, AV systems are really very similar. Very often we are called upon by AV systems consultants and integrators to install state-of-the-art systems. Here are just some of the systems we install:

  • Overhead paging systems

  • Flat screen televisions and monitors

  • CATV and CCTV installations and device cabling

  • Fiber Optic Cabling

  • Structured Cabling



Audio/Video Cabling Solutions

AV systems, security systems, etc. have very similar installation requirements. Given our experience in security systems, we are often requested to complete other electrical installations. In many cases the phone system is directly integrated with the security system and it's important to make sure that it is installed properly. If you require telephone system installation, call us.

Telephone Systems Installation

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